Ford Puma: as good as it looks

Today we find ourselves aboard the Ford Puma for a review. The Ford Puma is a compact crossover highly appreciated on Italian soil. In particular, the version under test is a top of the range; we are on the Vivid Ruby Edition trim, characterized by a very particular body color.


For enthusiasts, the name Puma evokes a golden age of late 90s automotive, when Ford first introduced this model with bold lines and sporty performance. The first Ford Puma captured the imagination of motorists with its distinctive design and engaging driving, becoming an icon of the segment. Today we are faced with a completely different type of car. A car that, while retaining part of the original DNA, has adapted to the needs of a market that has changed over time.


The exterior of this small crossover is very attractive, managing to perfectly blend and embody sportiness and sophistication. The undisputed protagonist is its color, called Vivid Ruby, which is exclusive to this trim level. A bold, rich shade of red; capable of changing significantly depending on how it is hit by the sun. Also, on this trim level, the Ford Puma is enriched with details such as tinted windows, black contrasting wheel arches, grilles, and roof. All this, together with the sculpted lines, gives the Ford Puma a truly significant presence on the road.


The Ford Puma, thanks to details like the shape of the front headlights, evokes the splendor of the first generation. A subtle tribute that, with a modern touch, seamlessly transitions to the present day. Days in which even the technology behind a headlight has evolved and indeed we find LED projectors with cornering function. This type of headlight, while retaining the halogen main beam, provides optimal visibility in practically all conditions, thus always offering safety and confidence. It is possible to equip the full LED headlights for an additional 1000 euros.


The interior of the Ford Puma is a bit less distinctive than the exterior. We find indeed a cabin with a very classic and functional layout, capable of accommodating 4 passengers without any space issues. Everything is where we expect to find it, and fortunately, we have many controls, such as those for the air conditioning, which are still physical. The materials are of good quality: we find rigid plastics everywhere, but still of quality and well assembled. A special mention for the seats, partially upholstered in vinyl and with heating possibility. We also find many details that are really a treat for the segment, such as the steering wheel fully covered in leather, illuminated door sills, and the Bang & Olufsen 10-speaker sound system.

car-shooters-ford-puma-stline-prova-su-strada-36Ford Puma Prova su Stradacar-shooters-ford-puma-stline-prova-su-strada-48


The instrumentation, for the most complete trims, is digital on a 12.3-inch screen with customization options. The infotainment, on the other hand, is the well-known Sync3 equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Wireless charging is also available. Despite its length approaching 4.2 meters, the trunk is really spacious with a capacity of about 400 liters. Furthermore, the opening is electric, another feature hard to find in this Puma’s segment.


The Ford Puma, in the version under test, is powered by a 1.0 Turbo three-cylinder mild-hybrid 48v engine. The power is 125 horsepower and the maximum torque of 170 Nm arrives at 1750 rpm. This engine initially might raise doubts, however, once tested it reveals its true nature. It proves to be surprisingly responsive and perfectly sized for the type of car; if you want something more, the Ford Puma is also available in a 155 horsepower version. Such a small and brilliant engine certainly becomes very interesting when it comes to running costs, especially fuel consumption. In fact, in this regard, it excels, with an overall average during the entire test which settled around 5.9L/100km with a predominantly extra-urban and city route.


A great ally for city driving is definitely the new seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, a bit less if you want to have fun as there is no manual mode at all. Perhaps the only real flaw of this Puma. Despite this lack, the gearbox is still very quick and smooth in gear shifts, without any particular jerks. The engine and gearbox, together with the 18-inch wheels and a top-notch suspension for the category, offer a really good drivability. Despite the greater ground clearance compared to a more common B-segment car, roll and pitch are greatly reduced.


The driving pleasure that this Ford offers also comes from the very communicative and precise steering control with a really well-balanced grip. Good presence of driving assistants, with adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist, and Active Park Assist. The Ford Puma starts at 24,150 euros, in the trim level of this road test it costs 33,700 euros. This Ford Puma has really convinced us. The offer of options and comfort is from a higher segment, the design is fantastic, and the running costs and consumption are low. A truly successful car that will satisfy every customer who decides to buy it.



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