Suzuki Swift Sport: Entertainment Available to Everyone!

A beautiful winter day and a Suzuki Swift Sport for a review: today we will have fun! The Suzuki Swift Sport represents the idea of compact high-performance car for the Japanese House. In a market where small hot hatches are quite numerous, Suzuki has decided to offer something different. The exasperated search of power, exaggerated rims, enormous tires, leave room for an opposite philosophy. Instead of trying to “squeeze” as much power as it can from his 1.4L turbo petrol engine, Suzuki prefers to let him deliver “only” 140HP, aiming instead for a well-made chassis and a mass of 975kg. Rims are offered with 17 ‘with 195/45 tires.


On Car-Shooters we have already seen how the search for lightness, even with non-exaggerated powers, can lead to a fun and rewarding vehicle to drive. Suzuki Swift Sport is no exception, we’ll find out. In any case, the advantage is not only in driving pleasure. Suzuki Swift Sport, thanks to the 140HP engine and the non-gigantic tires, has relatively low running costs.


Moreover, this limited-edition Suzuki Swift Sport BeeRacing certainly does not go unnoticed. Its “Champion Yellow” color combined with roof, uprights and mirror caps in “Dubai Black Metallic” make it aggressive and eye-catching. The Swift Sport is quite different, compared to the traditional version, thanks to a specific front with a larger air intake and an aerodynamic kit consisting of front spoiler, side skirts and rear extractor with carbon effect finish. In the rear part it is you will notice the spoiler in the same color as the roof and the double tailpipe. The headlights are with LED technology, as well as the rear lights.


We are therefore talking about a really interesting car! The proof of Suzuki Swift Sport’s skills also lies in the fact that ACI (the Italian automobile club) has selected it as the official car of the “Rally Italia Talent”. This format allows young Italian aspiring drivers to make proof of their skills to win a place in a real rally competition. To honor the sporting qualities of the Suzuki Swift Sport, here we are on a beautiful road in the Tuscan Apennines. For our little “special rally stage” we will also arrive at snow-covered altitudes. The Suzuki Swift Sport in his yellow colour will certainly stand out in the snow!


Before leaving, it is also right to talk about the interior. Going on board you immediately notice the front seats. Body hugging and with a pleasant look, they attract the attention of everyone who gets inside Suzuki Swift Sport. Looking at the dashboard, nothing is missing.


The indicators in front of the driver are very pleasant to see and, thanks to the onboard computer screens, they are able to provide complete informations. In the middle of the dashboard we find the infotainment screen. Also complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the system is always fluid. Finally, the interior is also characterized by the red-colored finishes.


The quality of the plastics is acceptable and there is a comfortable automatic climate control. With regard to safety all ADAS systems are available. Adaptive cruise control works very well and does not switch off when we press the clutch to change gear. Great! A note should instead be made to the FCW system. The system aims to warn the driver of an imminent danger through sound and visual alerts. Unfortunately, it results too invasive. In any case, on balance, the technological equipment of Suzuki Swift Sport is complete and, for some factors, even superior to the competition.


It is certainly surprising how Suzuki managed to create such a complete package while maintaining a weight of 975kg. By turning on the engine using the button of the keyless system, we are ready to verify the dynamic qualities of the Swift Sport. On the road its lightness is immediately perceived. Both in acceleration and cornering it is easy to see how the reduced weight translates into a very reactive front of the car.


If you arrive in the corner correctly, it feels really balanced. In cases where the corner tightens, understeering is felt, which however is corrected by the ESP intervention. The good weight/power ratio guarantees a smile printed on the face corner after corner! Turbo Lag is a bit present, the Swift Sport likes that you play with the gearbox.


This feature, however, proves to be valuable in the city: thanks to the weight and to a calibration of the engine with an excellent balance between performance and consumption, it is not difficult to even reach 16 km/l. Trying to find flaws, the steering wheel lacks a little sensitivity, especially at small rotations. Also, it would be even more fun with a louder exhaust.


The double tailpipes deserve a more powerful “voice” and few pops and bangs in the gear changes. However, it seems that some aftermarket solutions are available. Returning back to the valley we are really happy with this day spent with the Suzuki Swift Sport.


An excellent balance between running costs and road fun makes it a very interesting car, with the plus of the five doors. Adding a “voice” as aggressive as its yellow and black look, it would be really impossible not to want it.



Article: Edoardo Mascalchi

Pictures: Edoardo Mascalchi, Federico Schipani


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