The Porsche dream garage!

Today we want to present a special article for us, a collection of Porsches able to excite any enthusiast. We are here with our friend Marco, already known in other articles dedicated to the Italian Historical Porsche 911 Club, a true lover of the cars of this German brand.


A true passionate about the four wheels’ world, Marco bought his first classic car in 1978, a Giulia spider of 1963. At the time the car was only 15 years old, but the automotive world had changed so much that it was already considered a car of the past. After the Giulia, over the time, he changed several cars of both Alfa and Lancia brands, also taking part in regularity races together with a friend, owner of a Porsche, starting to appreciate its positive aspects. His passion, however, was not yet addressed to the Teutonic cars, but to the English ones instead.


Later, in fact, he became the owner of an Austin Healey and a Mini Cooper S, with its glorious historical past, appreciating the world of classic cars from Great Britain. The admiration for the British cars has been consolidated with the Lotus Elise: Marco, impressed by the Lotus philosophy based on lightness, decided to buy one. Marco love to have fun with his group of friends and began to participate in gatherings for fans between Tuscany and France, reaching the wonderful village of Mas du Clos. The usual gatherings did not enjoy a purist like Marco. In fact, he loves winding roads, loves to drive, so travelling a few miles, to spend hours and hours sitting at the table for lunch did not excite him. That’s when he began to organize his tailor-made gatherings for people like him: many kilometers, lots of fun focused on driving pleasure. At the end of the 90s, going to Pistoia, in Tuscany, to purchase a vintage watch, Marco met a Porsche enthusiast and collector.


For him it was the start of his passion for Porsches! Among the many beauties of his garage he saw a Porsche 911 2.0L Targa Soft Window of 1967, Polo Red, entirely restored. After so much insistence he finally managed to convince the owner to sell it, even more captured by it thanks to a really exciting road test. After the Porsche 911 2.0L Targa Soft Window for Marco began a period of purchases and sales. Reluctantly, to finance the purchase of another car, each time he had to sell another piece of the collection. Among his regrets, for example, we find a practically perfect Porsche 911 2.0 S del’68. Here, step by step, a collection was born that reflects all the Marco’s passion for the Porsche brand. Every time that another piece was added to the collection, however, Marco perceived the need for a place, a special place, where to put all such treasures together. Having 9 cars, including 5 Porsches, in 3 different garages was really complicated! A garage was needed to bring them all together and to enjoy their beauty as well as the pleasure of driving they can give. The sale of a very rare Lotus Elite of 1961 guaranteed the funds for the purchase of this special place. Finding a similar garage was not easy, however, in Florence. Marco wanted a place near his home, capacious and suitable for his needs. Suddenly, on a rainy Sunday, on the internet he found the sales announcement of the perfect place for him.


After the purchase, a bit like all the cars bought over the years, Marco began to personalize and restore his new garage with a specific theme. The idea came from seeing some lofts used as dwellings or old German and English industrial warehouses, restored for the most varioius activities. Finding the right materials with regard to quality and finishes was the thing that required more effort, in fact the panels arrived from Piacenza, the furniture from Maisons du Monde, the hoist for cars from Turin and the rest from Florence. A real surprise is also the 1961 lounge.


In the past it was his parents’ property and, after a quick restoration, for the joy of his mother, looks almost new and ready to shine in his garage. To embellish it there is also the collection of Diabolik’ magazines that starts from the No. 1 of 1964. But it’s not over here! Marco’s passion for the restoration is evident also thanks to other pieces such as a vintage pinball machine or some vintage petrol pumps that, found derelict in the countryside, have been skilfully restored by a craftsman.


The back of the garage door still remained to be personalized. Marco’s son, knowing the right artist fir this job, an Australian passing through Florence, gives Marco a present with a unique design for the garage door. In contrast to the vintage cars and the various memorabilia, there are also some new technologies inside the garage. The installations in terms of security in fact allow, thanks a fast internet line, the connection with the Police and the possibility to use an application on the phone to keep everything under control.


How was this collection born? What story have every piece of the collection? When Marco already owned two cars of his favourite brand, seeing a famous Porsche advertisement with all five air-cooled models, he wanted to create a small collection and he managed to bring together the 5 cars protagonists of this article. For Marco each car has a different purpose of use and, all together, represent the 5 main evolutions of the air-cooled Porsches: 356, 0-F 911, G Series, 964 and 993. Let’s start to better know these cars into the collection that have made the history of the Porsche brand.


The Porsche 356 was found in Perugia in good condition of bodywork and interiors, having been restored by Serattini/Ferraresi in the late 90s. The mechanics of the car was not at the same level of restoration, so Marco bring it to a mechanic famous for the restoration of Porsches.


The mechanics was totally rebuilt using the best of the current production and all the know-how of invisible changes for chassis and engine, which made it very pleasant to drive. The Porsche 911 2.4 S is instead a purchase of a relative in 1988.


In 1989 it was also used in important moments of the life of Marco, such as his marriage and other happy events whose protagonists this time were his relatives. Always unused in the garage, during the years it needed the care of a specialist.


Marco took possession of it and, after having restored it, here it shines inside his collection! The mechanical parts were completely disassembled to be accurately overhauled, the rest was sent to Cantù by a well-known restorer for a complete job. Two years and several sacrifices later it returned home as new, better than new! Some of his Porsches are too beautiful and perfect to be used during the rallies for true purists organized by Marco. It was necessary to add another car ready to be scrambled on occasion. Which Porsche better than the 911 3.2 to have fun without worries?


Bought during the first Autoclassica Milan fair and totally restored, it was ready to give hours of fun at the wheel. Three tours of Sardinia, the ascent to Mont Ventoux, two tours of the French Alps, three tours in Abruzzo plus all the various raids among friends; has been always perfect and reliable, an exciting car that brings together the best Porsche Classic qualities. Although it is too aggressive on the tires, enough to have to change them them quickly, Marco is really satisfied with his choice. Continuing our walk in his collection, here is the Porsche 964 RS.


This is the second RS that Marco had, also this one of the same color “Midnight Blue” and with the air conditioning applied by the dealer. This is a fantastic car, with only 23000 km, original paint and other added values. What was missing from this incredible collection? A car suited to the most peaceful gatherings: comfortable but with the everlasting Porsche charm. Here is a Porsche 993 Targa!


It performs both as a coupé and as a cabriolet, and stands out from the group, a fantastic touring car. Some emotions unfortunately are filtered by a car that is too modern and complete with all the comforts. Marco loves essential cars. However, the color of his Porsche 993 Targa hits him. A Turkish Blau Metallic that stands out from the usual gray and blue that seem to be the only colours of the Porsche 993 sold in Italy. It had 115,000 km, which do not worry for a car like this and for occasional use.


His well-preserved black seats not satisfy Marco’s taste that preferred something more colourful. Marco therefore decided to buy two more original Porsche seats to make them then cover with Tartan in a really interesting colour. Five Porsche, five different stories, five different uses, all sharing a great passion for the German brand and driving pleasure. Today we have admired a fantastic collection of historic Porsches, born from the love for the details of Marco. Each of them shines in its new garage, waiting to take new paths full of fun and driving pleasure.



Article: Edoardo Mascalchi

Pictures: Edoardo Mascalchi, Francesco Giovannini, Federico Schipani


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