Ferrari 458 Speciale in panning nel rettilineo dell'autodromo del mugello

A Ferrari Red Weekend

If we think to Florence and engines it immediately comes to mind one place: the Autodromo of Mugello. Theatre of great emotions with MotoGP it is able to give satisfaction even to the lovers of the four wheels as demonstrated by the great enthusiasm of the F1 pilots who tested “our” track during the only test session made in 2013.

il paddock dell'autodromo del mugello con le ferrari
Once I knew that I would follow the race of the Ferrari Challenge at Mugello Circuit with my friend Alessandro for OK!Mugello I asked for the permission to use some of our shots for you of Car-Shooters!

dettaglio logo posteriore ferrari
The Ferrari Challenge, became famous in Italy thanks to Sky Italia, is the historic trophy Ferrari, where this year, professional and amateur riders will compete on board of their 458 Challenge EVO.

ferrari 458 challenge evo
Honestly, we thought we had to do only with Ferrari “race”, but … surprise! At the car park in front of the paddock we found a line up of respectable road Ferrari, from the “old” Testarossa to the latest LaFerrari, through various 430 Scuderia and 458 Speciale.

dettaglio logo ferrari cerchio

Members of the public do not hesitate to approach these fantastic supercars, some taking pictures.

laferrari e ferrari 430 scuderia

We go up on the terrace and the view of all these Ferrari tells us that it will be a really exciting weekend.

il paddock dell'autodromo del mugello e l'hospitality ferrari corse clienti

We decide to go on track, to follow up with our equipment both qualifying races and the final race. It is not the first time that I follow a race accredited and I can say that have the opportunity to see and “live” a race from the track perspective is fantastic! You can feel better the difficulties that the drivers face in directing their cars where they want, the search for the limit and victory.

la partenza della gara del ferrari challenge alla bucine all'autodromo del mugello

Seeing a race on the track, it feels like participate to a great and spectacular event and it can excite and give you that adrenaline makes you go home with a smile at the end of the day.

ferrari 458 challenge evo smp racing

At the first lap the cars are all matched, as in a parade for the audience. Ready .. go! The engines are pushed to the max! Hearing them roar in a unique choir is music to our ears!

dario caso nella propria auto nella griglia di partenza del ferrari challenge trofeo pirelli all'autodromo del mugello

The battles on the track are really amazing. Emotions are intenses, but their duration is short. In fact, 35 are the minutes of the race in these “sprint” competitions.

ferrari e colline del mugello
When competitions are finished we were ready to leave and instead…we realize that the owners of Ferrari are entering onn the track with their cars to have the opportunity to go flat out! We saw on the track many Ferrari 458 Speciale, the new California T but the queen is always LaFerrari that with its power given by the hybrid engine and the aerodynamic makes everything look too easy.

dettaglio gomma usurata in pista ferrari 458 speciale
At the end of the session we come out in the pitlane and we look carefully at the tread the tires of some cars realizing that there are those who really pushes them to the limit.

dettaglio logo frontale ferrari

Our weekend ends in this way, the trucks are loaded to leave for the next race and we go home happy with the emotions that gave us this weekend of the Prancing Horse.

dettaglio logo ferraridettaglio logo interni ferrari 458 speciale

gomme da gara pirelli


By: Marco Dellisanti

Photos: Marco Dellisanti, Alessandro Morandi