tuning is not a crime a my special car di rimini

My Special Car 2015

Finally on Sunday 19th Car-Shooters has participated, in collaboration with Automotive Space, at My Special Car Show 2015 in Rimini!

We were impressed since the very beginning: the cars waiting in the queue at the entrance were turning the volume of their stereos up, having a party even before the entry!

Once inside, the first impression is very characteristic: so many colored cars, personalized with such a great imagination!

raduno peugeot rcz a my special car

raduni automobilistici

The pavilions were very full of details to capture!

dettaglio ford mustang

dettaglio rcz asphalt

dettaglio megane throphy

dettaglio peugeot rcz r

dettaglio motore renault sport megane trophy

Even the most uncommon and eccentric features were realized with an admirable accuracy!

dettaglio auto tuning poker mania

dettaglio auto tuning ken shiro

dettaglio abarth 500 bagagliaio

dettaglio auto tuning poker mania portiera

The cars owners have demonstrate a great availability and enthusiasm in welcoming us, and they were ready to tell the story of how they have personalize their car.

seat ibiza modificata in tinta oro e hi-fi

raduno tuning

ford mustang d'epoca

detatglio fiat d'epoca tuning

That’s why we decided to participate, and why we would like to attend other events where passion for cars is so strong!

raduno auto tuning

mazda rx-8 tuning

raduno abarth a my special car

raduno abarth club firenze a my special car

The cars are accurate in each, even little, details, from the liveries to the interior design.  The most extreme modifications however are the ones made for the sound systems. A mix of colored led lights and loud sounds ! A real feast for the tuning enthusiasts!

tuning obbligatorio proteggere udito

dettaglio hi-fi bagagliaio rcz

dettaglio hi-fi tuning portiera

fiat panda tuning hi-fi estremo

fiat punto la gialletta tuning hi-fi

alfa romeo mito tuning hi-fi

Not everyone loves the car tuning and the extreme personalization but it was so nice to spend a day with all these amazing people passionate about their cars!

amicizia tuning e passione a my special car

We knew lots of new people, we had fun and we maybe found new cars to capture. Stay tuned and “Special” thanks to My Special Car Show!


Do you know a car event we can’t miss? Let us know!


Text: Marco Dellisanti

Photos: Marco Dellisanti, Giovanni Ardizzola