Ferrari Emotions!

In Italy the Ferrari passion is almost a religion. All Italians are happy to see Ferrari win a race or remembering the fantastic overtakes of the great Schumacher. We have already dealt with an event of the Ferrari Challenge at the Mugello Circuit, but this time we want live with you the automotive event of the year in the Florence’s track. A similar event can be lived only at the end of each season and is named Ferrari World Finals.

partenza gara ferrari challenge biondetti

This time we have on track the XX Programmes (with the latest arrived FXX-K), the F1 Clienti, all the world series of the Ferrari Challenge and finally The Scuderia Ferrari in a tight program that started Wednesday with the first free practice and ended Sunday afternoon with the Scuderia Ferrari show. The name of this amazing event comes from the fact that, in addition to being scheduled the last race of each championship of the Ferrari Challenge (Europe, North America and Asia Pacific), on Sunday the best drivers from each series will race to decide who is the real champion of the year.

panning casanova savelli ferrari 458 challenge

In addition to the competitive activities the spectators were able to watch the free practice of the XX and F1 Clienti programs. Not everyone may knows about these two activities within Ferrari Corse Clienti. Only a very few lucky and selected Ferrari owners can have these cars that cost all over one and half million euro. In the XX Programme we find the FXX (derived from the Enzo), the 599XX (derived from the 599) and the new FXX-K (derived from LaFerrari and then with KERS).

FXX-K frenata disco rosso bucine

ferrari 599xx

ferrari fxx

We are talking about cars that are unique in their kind, not having to run on street and not taking part in any competition, they are designed for maximum performance, without compromise derived from legislation or regulations. Owners are also supported by a team of engineers, mechanics and telemetrists, participating actively in the development of the car every time providing feedback on the behavior on track and feeling to be an integral part of implementing its XX.

ferrari fxx-k

fxx-k dettaglio interni

There are of course also driving instructors to make possible to improve each time their skills on the track. The F1 Clienti program has a concept very similar, the only difference is that, instead of the fantastic prototypes, this time we have real F1. That’s right, Ferrari is the only car manufacturer in the world that realizes the dream of a few lucky people to own an F1 car.

F1 Clienti rettilineo Mugello

pitlane f1 clienti finali mondiali ferrari

Recording the chassis of each car, the owner can know what races attended their car and who drove it. For the public watching the F1 Clienti is a unique opportunity. Being able to see and hear cars that made the history of Ferrari, all together on track, is an exceptional show. You will recognize the sounds of the V12, the V10 and even the V8 turbo from the 80s, each masterfully curated by Ferrari employees who provide all the necessary support in preserving these jewels.

dettaglio ferrari f1 clienti

dettaglio ferrari f1 clienti

During the World Finals you can visit a rich paddock with many cars on display. In fact there were cars form the GT competitions, historical and all the production lineup. Walking in the paddock during these events is amazing, you could see all the cars, heari theng noise in the morning when they are set in motion to be heated.

paddock finali mondiali ferrari mugello

ferrari f12 tdf

ferrari storiche

The viewer then has the opportunity to rediscover the motorsport passion, a totally different experience from those unreachable Grand Prix paddock, the reconciliation to the racing world in an event where Ferrari really cares about their fans. On Sunday afternoon the final show.

ferrari show sebastian vettel finali mondiali

sebastian vettel ferrari show

The Scuderia Ferrari and GT Competitions with all its drivers gave a fantastic show with GT cars and Formula 1 to the 55,000 present, presenting for the first time the new F12 TDF and the new 488 that will take part to the Endurance GT races (The challenge has been issued to Ford next year for the 24 Hours of Le Mans!).

kimi raikkonen

sebastian vettel

Ferrari F12 TDF hooning burnout

We can not but smile thinking back to last weekend, a fantastic event in one of the most beautiful race tracks around the world. Ferrari emotions!

Autodromo Del Mugello Finali Mondiali Ferrari

finale ferrari show finali mondiali

By: Edoardo Mascalchi

Photos: Francesco Giovannini, Alessandro Morandi


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